Ongoing projects


NOVAFOODIES is an interdisciplinary project bringing together partners from Europe, Israel and China, with complementary backgrounds to interact closely in a synergistic manner to deliver the expected results, research outputs and six key objectives. NOVAFOODIES aims to provide consumers with new functional and traceable products of marine and freshwater origin, produced with more sustainable processes without compromising sectoral competitiveness. Aware of these challenges but often working in isolation, there are many organizations developing solutions to improve efficiency in the aquatic food sector. NOVAFOODIES brings together some of these organizations in a unique consortium to demonstrate new approaches that ensure future seafood production is both profitable and environmentally.




This project aims to reduce the pressure on the environment and climate in the design of infrastructure and construction of the transportation sector. Duration: 2022-2023



Reference Number: 2022-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000085821

B-Green-ED Project aims to stimulate the European green economy and climate neutrality by developing innovative higher education practices related to the implementation of micro-credential courses developed in cooperation with European standardization bodies. The developed innovative micro-credential courses will be in line with labor market needs and will facilitate the provision of flexible, accessible, and inclusive learning focused on industry/sector-related environmental, management, and green standards that support the transition to a green and digital economy.



MatCHMaker is a Horizon Europe project that supports excellence in research on methods and tools for developing new and sustainable advanced materials. Join our mission in achieving innovative and sustainable results. Duration: 2022-2025
MatCHMaker aims to reduce the time, cost and risks of developing and optimising advanced materials. This contributes to the European Green Deal to decarbonise the industry while enhancing people’s quality of life.



openDBL is an one-step Digital Building Logbook solution that is funded by European Commission. openDBL intends to integrate multidisciplinary know-how to solve the issues of the current situation. The challenge of the project is to allow, through the development of openAPI, the disposal of openDBL in a unique standardized platform and create useful content, to simplify the workload of the AECO industry.



Proiectul Smart Tools for Smart Buildings: Enhancing the intelligence of buildings in Europe (Smart²) aspires to deliver a cloud based open platform for assessing the intelligence of buildings, available in all 24 EU official languages, considering as well the specificities of the Member States, with a view to maximize synergies with other EU initiatives.


HE-FARM – Healthy Environmental-Friendly and Resilient Farm

Duration: 2022-2025 This project is an EU-funded scientific project that brings together 14 partner organizations from 7 EU Member States with a €5 million budget and the aim of developing and validating a methodology that assesses the state of biosecurity on farms and at the same time makes predictions on several farms as well as increasing maturity of several disruptive novel techs, thus preventing possible infections.

HE-FARM will develop and validate a methodology -based on experimental assays and tests in lab & operational env- to assess and predict transport-channel resolved biosecurity and simultaneously increase maturity of several disruptive novel techs. A software/APP will be created to help with these procedures and proposed as a draft for a future EN standard.


STRATEGY – Effective crisis management across borders

STRATEGY brings together standardisation bodies, policy makers, technology suppliers and first responders from several EU countries who will collaborate over three years to improve the interoperability of crisis management solutions both within and between countries

Proiectul STRATEGY logo


The COURAGEOUS project will develop a standardized test methodology for detection, tracking and identification of nefarious drones’ utilising countermeasure systems to protect the lower airspace. This standardized test methodology will be based upon a series of standard user-defined scenarios representing a wide set of use cases.


Completed projects

STUNED – Standards Teaching in University Education

Începând cu luna octombrie 2019, ASRO este implicat alături de Organismul Național de Standardizare din Bulgaria (BDS), Universitatea din Craiova, Universitatea din Burgas (Bulgaria), Universitatea tehnică din Riga (Letonia), Universitatea din Turun (Finlanda) și Universitatea din Thessaly (Grecia) într-un proiect finanțat din linia ERASMUS +.


Proiectul de Twinning cu Ucraina UA 17/ENI/EC/01/18

România, prin ASRO, participă alături de organismele de standardizare din Austria, Germania și Spania la proiectul de Twinning „Consolidarea capacității Organismului Național de Standardizare din Ucraina”, ce are ca scop oferirea suportului Uniunii Europene pentru consolidarea capacității organismului de standardizare din Ucraina..


BRIDGIT 2 – Bridge the Gap between Research, Innovation and Standardization Community

În perioada 2017-2020 s-a desfășurat proiectului european, tip FPA,  BRIDGIT 2 – Bridge the gap between the Research, Innovation and Standardization Community , la care ASRO a participat, alături de CCMC (CEN-CENELEC Management Centre) și alte 9 organisme nationale de standardizare.


SABE – Engaging more Standards Bodies and National Environmental Organizations in the environmental aspects of standardization

Asociația de Standardizare din România este partener la implementarea unui proiect care a demarat în noiembrie 2017, cu o durată de 42 luni, finanțat integral de Comisia Europeană și Asociația Europeană a Liberului Schimb.


Proiectul de Twinning Light cu Republica Moldova 2017 – 2018

Proiectul de Twinning Light „Oferirea suportului Uniunii Europene pentru Institutul de Standardizare din Republica Moldova, în vederea îndeplinirii cerinţelor pentru a deveni membru cu drepturi depline la CEN-CENELEC”, este un proiect castigat si derulat de ASRO.


Proiectul de Twinning cu Republica Moldova 2015 – 2017

Proiectul de Twinning MD/13/ENP/TR/14 – este noul proiect în care organismul naţional de standardizare s-a implicat alături de un consorţiu german şi de BRML – Biroul Român de Metrologie Legală.


Stargrid 2013 – 2015

Proiectul european STARGRID pe linia FP7, alături de entităţi din Germania, Spania, Italia s-a desfăşurat pe parcursul anului 2013. Au avut loc raportări către Comisia Europeană privind „Smart Grid Stakeholders`Requirements” şi a fost lansat un chestionar special dedicat acestui proiect.


 BridGit 2013 – 2014

Proiectul internaţional, pe linie FPA, BridGit, a fost demarat în 1 ianuarie 2013.