Printing services

Standardizarea  Publishing House owns its own digital typography in which are realised: Standardization Magazine, Standardization Bulletin, etc.

ASRO offers quality printing services at competitive prices.

Advantages of digital printing:

Digital printing is the optimal solution when you need a product to be:

  • Of quality
  • At best price
  • In any quantity you want.

Digital printing is ideal for small and medium print runs (from minimum 5 to 500 ex.). It is done directly from the computer, and the latest adjustments can be made at no additional cost just before giving the print asset.

Printing services:

  • Black and white printing;
  • Color printing
  • Advertising materials;
  • Finishing services;
  • Office materials;
  • Materials with variable print;
  • Scanning/Archiving services,

For orders, contact us at:


Telephone: 021.316.99.74.