Involving standardization in your research projects creates a better introduction to the market, thus helping you to achieve the highest performance indicators, and increase visibility. Applying national, European, and international standards (along with knowledge in standardization) brings benefits such as:

  • avoiding needless work, by following the best practice of the most important economic actors;
  • easy access to national, European, and international markets;
  • ensuring that the ideas used are globally recognised.

Standardization takes account of the latest information in all fields, and is geared towards a sustainable future. In this context, partnership with ASRO offers opportunities to network and exchange best practices with your desired target groups, in Romania, Europe and worldwide. This in turn increases your project’s impact.

In addition to the above, ASRO can help with the following aspects of your project:

Research and Development (HORIZON 2020, Horizon Europe):

As Romania’s national standards body (NSB),ASRO provides essential knowledge in standardization, incorporating the latest technologies, ideas, and characteristics in your target industry. ASRO is involved in mapping relevant standards and analysing project targets, including those in standardization. Analysing existing standards and creating new ones is a complex task, but ASRO can make it easy and bring added value.

Access to structural funds:

ASRO provides state-of-the-art expertise in standardization. ASRO provides state-of-the-art expertise in standardization. Since our main activities include the development and delivery of standards, a partnership with ASRO may lead to new standardization subjects or other standardization documents being proposed (CWA, TR, etc.) in the field of the project. It may also lead to the development and implementation of standardization roadmaps (which may include international cooperation) and, last but not least, to the creation of reports or specifications (like the ASRO–ANAP collaboration, for example).


ASRO can offer consultancy and training (with courses held in Romanian and English) in conformity assessment, both in general, and in management system implementation specifically.

Technical assistance in ENP countries:

Covering both the electro-technical and non-electro-technical domains, ASRO is the ideal project partner for recipient countries of Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance or for the Commonwealth of Independent States (Technical Assistance, Twinning, or TAIEX projects).

Other national standards bodies may also be included in the consortium, since standards are a system of references that increase the competitiveness of products on the European or international markets. They also ensure compliant quality of products, systems, and services, thereby increasing consumer trust.