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SMEs represent more than 99% of all European business and they constitute the genuine backbone of Europe’s economy. Standardization contributes to enhance SMEs key role on the market, but most of the time the standards’ added value is not well-known by small businesses. Therefore, in the last years, CEN and CENELEC decided to tackle this problem and increased their efforts targeting SMEs and their participation in the standardization work. To address this, the new CEN-CENELEC SME webportal will better guide and respond to SMEs questions on standardization. The SME web portal will provide European SMEs with business tools required to access the European Standardization System of CEN and CENELEC through:

  • Information on new standardization initiatives
  • Information on standardization work in the pipeline
  • First-line advice through consultation of appropriate experts via e-mail
  • Updated brochures and material relevant to SMEs
  • Training for SMEs which wish to understand more and contribute to European standardization
  • Conferences and events of interest to SMEs.

More information are provided via the web-site of the European standardization organizations CEN/CENELEC intended to support the interaction of the national standardization bodies and SMEs.

Standards should form an important part of a company’s strategy to remain competitive.  In the current market where competition is fierce and resources are scarce it has never been a better time to use standards to:

  • attract and assure customers
  • demonstrate market leadership
  • create competitive advantage
  • develop and maintain best practice
  • open new market areas.

European and international standards are a way of getting acceptance of products & services in the ever increasing global market.  ASRO is committed to helping SME’s find out more about standards and to facilitate participation in standard development.  This portal is developed to provide information to SME’s about the benefits of standards and participation in the standard development process.


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ISO – 10 good things for SMEs
Toolkit SMEST – Small and Medium Enterprises Standardization Toolkit –


What can SMEs benefit by implementing standards?

  • improving the quality of products and services
  • attracting new customers
  • increasing consumers’ confidence in the respective business
  • increasing the competitiveness
  • reducing the provisional mistakes
  • reduced costs
  • ensuring compliance of products with certain requirements
  • facilitating exports

Are you a Romanian Small and medium-sized enterprise?


Please find your benefits here:

1. Get involved into the standardization activity
Romanian SMEs have special rates forparticipating in national TCs..
Participating in international standard development work is possible through ASRO. This can be done at a national level by participating in any of our National Standards committees or by being nominated as a technical expert to an international committee. Any requests regarding participation in standard development at a national or international level please contact ASRO Standards Department.

2. Search for the relevant standard for your activity and find more about its scope.

3. If you need the draft of a standard, please address your request here:

4. Training on Standardizationactivities, email to:


Accesss of SMEs to standards – report under Article 6 of EU Regulation 1025/2012

The Romanian Standards Association encourages and facilitates the access of the Romanian SMEs to standards and standards development processes in order to reach a higher level of participation in the standardization system

Read more: 2014 Report.




The CEN-CENELEC SME Helpdesk is the one stop service point to introduce SMEs to the benefits of European standardization and to the business tools required to access the European Standardization System of CEN and CENELEC. In order better to address the questions raised to the SME Helpdesk, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is available. To send a question to the SME Helpdesk please email

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