Standards Work Programme

In accordance with the National legislation of standardization and European Regulation 1025/2012, ASRO published the annual Standards Work Programme.

Standards Work Programme 2020 – draft 1.

The Standards Work Programme is the plan of the national standardization body that lists the items that are the subject of its standardization work.

The items included in the Standards Work Programme are those proposed to be carried out in the current year, and, depending on the interest, identify the domains that will be effectively carried out.

The Standards Work Programme contains:

● European standards to be adopted as Romanian standards
● Harmonized European Standards to be adopted as Romanian standards
● Draft standards and European standardization documents included in the standardization program of European and International standardization organizations CEN, CENELEC, ISO and IEC;
● Romanian Standards. New work items and revisions
● International standards to be adopted as Romanian standards

CEN CENELEC Work Program 2020