ASRO History

2006 Romanian Standards Association – ASRO, CEN member and CENELEC
1998 Romanian Standards Association – ASRO
1991 Romanian Institute for Standardization, affiliate member of CEN and CENELEC
1991 Romanian Institute for Standardization, ETSI member
1970 Romanian Institute for Standardization – RIS
1960 General Direction for Energy, Metrology, Standards and Inventions
1957 General Direction for Metrology, Standards and Inventions (DGMSI)
1955 State Office for Standards and Inventions
1950 Standardization Commission – ISO member
1948 Standardization Commission
1948 Romanian Centre for Normalization (RC-Nor-AGIR)
1930 Office of Rationalization and Normalization (ORN)
1928 Romanian Standards Commission (CNIR)
1927 Romanian Electrotechnical Committee – IEC member
1927 Romanian Electrotechnical Committee