About us

National Standardization Body – ASRO – is an association, a Romanian legal person of private law, of public interest, non-profit, non-governmental and apolitical purpose established under the provisions of Law no. 163/2015 regarding the national standardization and Government Ordinance no. 26/2000 on associations and foundations.

Main attributions:
 Establishing the principles and methodology of national standardization
 Develop and approve national standards and participate in European and
international standardization work
 Managing the documentary fund of standards and publications in the field of national
and international standardization.
 Ensuring public information in the field of national standardization
 Editing, publishing and broadcasting standards and standardization publications
 Represents ISO and IEC in Romania and defends copyright on international
standards adopted
 Offering products and services to standard users to meet their needs
 Promoting copyright compliance on European standards adopted
ASRO grants on request the national compliance marks RS (compliance with
Romanian product standards) and RS-S (compliance with Romanian safety

At European level, standardization is regulated by Regulation 1025_2012

ASRO is a full member of:
 CEN –  European Committee for Standardization (01.01.2006)
 CENELEC – European Committee for Electrotehnical Standardization (01.02.2006)
 ETSI – European Telecommunications Standards Institute (2005) at NSO Cathegory –
National Standardization Organisme
o and internationally at:
 ISO – International Standardization Organisation (1950)
 IEC –  International Electrotechnical Commission (1920)

ASRO is represented in:
CEN and CENELEC General meetings by:  Gheorghe Ţucu – President and Iuliana
Chilea CEO

Leading structures of European standardization activity: CEN and CENELEC Technical
board – Iuliana Chilea CEO