What is a standard?
A document established by consensus and approved by a recognized body, that provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context.

National standard
A standard adopted by a national standardization body and made available to the public.

International standard
A standard adopted by an international standardization organization and made available to the public.

What is a technical regulation?
A regulation that provides technical conditions either directly or by reference to a standard, a technical specification, a code of good practice, or which reproduces their full content.

Standardization programme
It is a work plan of a standardization body which provides the list of topics subject to its standardization work.

What is ZA Annex?
Annex ZA is an informative part of a harmonized European standard that needs to be applied in order to place on the market those products bearing the EC marking.

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