Annex ZA

What is ZA annex?

Annex ZA is an informative part of a harmonized European standard that needs to be applied
for the purpose of placing on the market of products bearing the EC marking.
It identifies those articles that cover essential product features that are related to regulatory
requirements for placing products on the market.
Furthermore, Annex ZA reproduces systems for the assessment and verification of
constancy of performance of the product (s) established by the European Commission
decision where the product concerned must be submitted before the manufacturer is entitled
to issue a declaration of performance and to present the EC mark.
At European level, the product’s compliance with the essential characteristics leads
to the presumption that the product is fit for use.
Annex ZA provides the CEN template for the Declaration of Performance (DoP).
The document developed by CEN (Template for Annex ZA) is a guide to the development of
Annexes ZA starting with 1 July 2013 by the European Technical Standardization
The document can be used by manufacturers / distributors to take over the
template for the declaration of performance (DoP)..

Annex ZA Template